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About Us

Welcome to The Mighty Hayride, a new extension of our offerings at The Hayride. Here you'll find an interactive network of our readers, contributors and friends conversing on the topics of the day. We're just getting started and we're glad to see you!

Why You Should Join Us

Here at The Mighty Hayride, we're building our own social media platform with the help of the folks at Mighty Networks - so that our conversations are no longer filtered by "content curators" in Austin or Silicon Valley and we're not at the mercy of algorithm changes or privacy invasions. TMH is OUR network, not Mark Zuckerberg's or somebody else's who doesn't like us much.

And our members get more than just great conversation. We're also posting exclusive content to TMH you can't even get at the main site, and going forward there will be lots of other features - like polls, online courses, giveaways, contests and more!

A Big Thanks

Thanks to all of you for joining and sharing, and for helping us to grow The Mighty Hayride into what it's destined to be!

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